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Tradesman 29r Frame

5 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)


This is the stock version of the Holy Roller. Same geometry, tubing, and quality as the Holy Roller, we wanted to offer a slightly more affordable (and more available) version of one of our most popular models. To help keep the cost down we build these in our shop in batches and offer them in only one color per batch. Not cheap, but a great deal.

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4 reviews for Tradesman 29r Frame

  1. 5 out of 5


    When a bike melts under you it’s something special. The Tradesman does exactly that. Every detail of this bike is top notch created by craftsman/artist with so much experience you won’t have to worry about the bike he creates for you.
    If you’re on the fence I recommend that you jump that sucker and grab this bike as fast as you can. You will not be disappointed.

  2. 5 out of 5


    So you think you need a custom bike do you? You want a Soulcraft but you think it’s too expensive, time consuming, and maybe you just like to think you know a thing or two about bike handling and geometry when in fact you don’t know diddly. Well, that makes two of us, and it’s why I bought a Tradesman. I lusted for and tried talking myself into a custom bike made specifically for me, but then I also thought that stock size bikes usually fit me fine, so what makes me think if I have an angle adjusted, a tube lengthened, or bb height adjusted it will be “the best ever”? That’s a lot of pressure considering I could very well be wrong. So I bought a Tradesman, it fits me perfectly, just like every other bike I’ve ever owned does once I get it set up, It handles awesome thanks to Sean’s know how ( It totally rips in fact), and I finally got the Soulcraft I always wanted but I did it in a way that only instant gratification can provide. The paint is also really nice, much nicer then I expected, and it’s a color that never goes out of style. Last, when you build it, if you build it, you realize it’s made with every bit as much attention to detail and craftsmanship as full custom bikes…it is still a Soulcraft after all, and they’re very nice indeed.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I bought my first Soulcraft in 2001, a stock Plowboy in Pistachio, 26in, rim brakes. Followed that with a custom Royale in ’03 or ’04. Over a dozen years later it’s still my main road bike. I’ve had a couple others as well. Last year I found myself wanting the simple pleasure of owning a steel hardtail 29er again. Of course Soulcraft was at the top of my list, but wasn’t sure if another full custom was in the cards for me this time. Right about that time Sean was finishing up a new run of stock size Tradesman frames. What luck! Even luckier, the stock medium was basically what I would have wanted even in a custom frame. So…over a year later, still love this bike. Yeah, it’s beautiful…love the matte rat-rod gray…clean simple lines, etc. There’s nothing sexier than a good steel frame. The build quality is everything I knew it would be from Sean, so nothing was surprising there. And the ride is just so…I don’t know…basic and simple. I hope that doesn’t sound underwhelming, but it just does what a good hardtail frame should do. It’s solid, but not harsh. The fit is spot on. Handles like a dream. It’s just…FUN! It also gets a lot of attention here in Indiana. I can be on a ride with folks on every conceivable newest, highest zoot bikes on the market, and mine is the one everybody asks about, and ooooohs and aaaaahs about. That’s neither a plus or minus, mostly just an observation. Anyway, this is a truly terrific bike frame. And the stock run like this makes it more accessible if you’re even contemplating it, from both a money and time point of view (for those of us both broke and impatient.) I know I’m looking forward to future stock runs of other Soulcraft models! 😉

  4. 5 out of 5


    There’s a lot of different bikes to choose from – made from sundry materials & built on platforms that profess to do x, y or z. Sean builds bikes of a material and platform that continue to work as originally advertised – two triangles made of steel.
    Built by a craftsman (and a good guy) with a long pedigree of making great steel frames, the bikes incorporate a thoughtful ideology and strong work ethic. No filler, grass fed, prime, grade A frames. Nothing more, nothing less.

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