We use cro-moly butted steel tubing from True Temper, Columbus, Reynolds, and Tange. We TIG weld all our frames.
Since we build mostly custom frames, having you ride a bike we have here would be as useful as you trying on a new jacket in the wrong size. It will ride like a bike that's not built for you. Normally our customers have made the choice to get a Soulcraft based on our reputation, online sleuthing, or referrals from friends. We would love to have a stable of bikes available for test rides but if we had that kind of money we'd be retired.
We aren't set up like a retail bike shop. We are basically a machine shop. We are usually slammed with work so taking time out to offer someone a tour is pretty tough for us. But hit us up and maybe you'll catch us on a slow day.

Design & Fit

No, but be assured we use the best tubing for your bike based on the type of bike, your weight, and riding style. When we're done building your frame we can tell you what we used.
Absolutely. Every custom frame we build is a product of our years of experience combined with your fit dimensions as well as your preferences on handling. As long as we don't think your idea of a good handling bike is completely crazy, we can make it work.
No. We're too busy building Soulcraft bikes.


Only if your local shop is one of our dealers. Check out the "Dealers" page under the "Info" tab. We are a small operation here and aren't looking to pick up any more dealers but most of our sales are done directly with our customers so feel free to call us and we can help figure out the best way to get you on a bike.
An order officially starts when a deposit is made ($500, non-refundable). You can do that through our site using PayPal/credit card, or send a check, or call us and use a credit card. A few weeks after that we will get a drawing done and call you for an interview. We do not do fittings or drawings before we get a deposit.
If you live outside the U.S. you will need to order directly from us. We can ship anywhere in the world using DHL Worldwide Express which takes about a week. It can be between $200 and $500 to ship a frame (not a complete bike) so be prepared. We can give you an estimate before you order. Note: customs charges are not included in shipping costs. You are responsible for all customs charges.


We only do repair/repaint work on Soulcraft frames. Repaints usually run $350-$400 which includes prep and new decals. Adding disc mounts is $550 which includes removal of old mounts/guides and new paint/decals.