Due to a pending (and planned) shop move in the next couple months, we are not taking any new orders until the new year. Feel free to contact us with questions. Thanks!

Getting a Soulcraft is a pretty straightforward process; You place an order with a non-refundable deposit, send me a completed order form, I call you for an interview, I send you a drawing, we agree on the design, there’s a black hole of time and space where nothing happens with your frame because I’m finishing other frames, then I build yours. Usually takes about 3 to 6 months but check the current lead time posted above.

Grinduro pic with Varley

We’re not trying to create an “experience”, so to speak, where we try to impress you with how many times we can e-mail or call you with updates on the progress of your frame, we just want to build you a great bike that makes you stoked to ride it. We will say that each and every customer that chooses Soulcraft gets friendly service and we make sure you’re completely satisfied with your bike. The trade off is that sometimes we have to choose between being timely with our e-mails and phone calls or working on getting frames out the door. It’s a chronically frustrating situation for me because I really want to go over the top with service, but there aren’t enough hours in my day and I’d rather use that time to build more frames for more happy customers. What I’m trying to say is, we’ve always provided great service. Just ask our customers. But sometimes I’m hard to get a hold of. Don’t let it freak you out. Just know that if I don’t respond right away, it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening in the shop. Quite the opposite; it means I didn’t answer the phone or e-mail because I’m busy in the shop, which means everyone is that much closer to getting their frame.